• VE Hampstead is 3 years old today!


    Our original high street vape store in North London is now 3 years old today! Thank you for being part of the journey...

    We first opened the doors to our original bricks and mortar vape shop on Heath Street, Hampstead in 2014. Since then we have had the pleasure of serving so many wonderful customers who entered our shop as smokers and left as vapers.

    Vape Emporium 2014 Hampstead serving our first customer Meet Robert, our first ever Vape Emporium customer on March 14th 2014 pictured with company co-owner, Andy.

    "Three years ago today Amar and I opened the doors to Vape Emporium Hampstead! I can't believe how far we've come since then. Special thanks to our customers during this time for being on this journey with us. This year is going to be huge for the company and we hope you can continue supporting us at our original vape store." Andy Logan, Co-founder & CEO of Vape Emporium

    Since 2014 we have consistently increased our knowledge of premium vaping products to bring you the best premium e-liquids and quality hardware so you can achieve the best vape experience.

    Our core belief of the 'Customers Experience is Everything' has made us hugely popular at our Hampstead location, not only with local residents but also vapers who travel across London just to enjoy the VE Hampstead vibe. You can come and quickly re-stock on your favourite vape juice or replenish coils or stay and chat with our friendly vape consultants.

    We carried on the tradition of Hampstead to our second high street vape store with our Richmond location in South West London in 2015. It gives us great pleasure to help people make the transition from smoking to vaping for an alternative lifestyle.

    In 2017 our Crowdfunding campaign was launched so now you have the chance of joining the Vape Emporium family and helping us expand across more areas of London.
    Click Here to read more about our campaign and how you can invest in an exciting venture.

    Browse through some of our favourite images from Vape Emporium Hampstead!

  • Latest news in vaping...

    Welcome to ‘The Weekly Vape’ – The must-read news round-up for all things vaping and e-cigarettes

    Round-up of Vaping News 17/02/2017

    A video to explain “Facts about Vaping”
    The association of Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives (CASAA) releases a video to educate and guide smokers who want to know more about e-cigarettes and vaping.

    Seedrs could be breath of fresh air for vaping firm Vape Emporium - as it raises funds to expand rapidly
    We made it into the Daily Mail on Saturday as our Crowdfunding campaign launched this month. If you want to find out how you can invest and own a part of Vape Emporium towards our expansion over London then please click the link above!

    What is popcorn lung? The disease that could affect vapers, smokers and popcorn fans
    Did the Metro have had a slow news week because they've dug out the 'Diacetyl - Vaping' scaremongering story that seems to always make an appearance in the news. Before you read this or anymore Diacetyl - Popcorn Lung scare stories related to Vaping, please read our Blog Post from 2016 for factual information

    Positive numbers expected for global e-cig market
    A report on Ein News Desk says that vaping products are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR), of over 25% from 2016 to 2021.

    Hold the Mayo
    Once again the Mayo Clinic indulges in unethical and misleading risk communications in the form of a new article on e-cigarettes, promoting fear and confusion and dissuading smokers from trying them

    Bans, Bans, Bans...
    Malaysia, Finland, Hawaii, Estonia, Slovenia and Barbados are rushing to join Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia in effectively banning a safer form of using nicotine. But, as bans go, nothing compares to the punishment that could greet you if you attempt to vape in Uganda.

    It’s not taxing
    "Respond to this consultation, it’s important. The wrong decision will shut shops and deter new ecig users.
    The European Union wants to tax ecigs. As they have to – to pretend they are democratic somehow – they have a consultation on their suggestion, closing date 16th Feb. Replying to this consultation is about the best thing you can do for ecigs right now – and I’ve tried to make it simple!"

  • News from the week in Vaping...10/02/2017

    Round-up of Vaping News 10/02/2017

    E-Cigarettes Less Harmful Than Smoking!
    This week we saw some positive vape news make the headlines in the news media with the recent study funded by Cancer Research UK showing that E-Cigarettes are up to 97% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Watch the short video clip from Good Morning Britain for a round-up below

    For further information you can read this blog post by Cancer Research UK.


    The study had also persuaded the Daily Mail to make a retraction on an article they published in January 2017 titled 'E-Cigarettes are more harmful than Smoking' which had only confused the public more on the safety and reliability of using e-cigarettes has a smoking cessation. If you would rather not click the link to the Daily Mail article you can read the retraction statement below:

    Daily Mail Retraction: A Health article on January 27 said some experts believe electronic cigarettes can be more harmful than real ones. In fact we are not aware of any experts who hold this view compared to the risks of cancer, heart disease and lung damage from real cigarettes. We apologise for any contrary suggestion.


    Stop the junk science on vaping. E-cigarettes don’t turn kids into smokers
    "Ever since e-cigarettes became mainstream consumer products circa 2012, there has been a steady flow of anti-vaping scare stories. In the last 12 months, it has become a flood. The stories nearly always emerge from the US, usually from California, and focus to three claims: that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking, that they don’t help people quit and that non-smokers who use them are more likely to start using tobacco cigarettes."

    Will e-cig users quit for good, or revert to smoking?
    This is the query that a recent study funded by Cancer Research UK is aiming to resolve, by studying the correlation between e-cigarette users and permanent smoking cessation success rates.

    Changing how YOUR Council sees vaping
    There is only one council in the entire country with a decent attitude towards vaping. Thanks to the work of Freedom to Vape we now know that the vast majority of councils lump vaping in with smoking, against the advice of both Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive. Click the subject link above to find out how you can help make a difference to Vaping in your area...

  • News from the week in Vaping...03/02/2017

    Round-up of Vaping News 03/02/2017

    Independent Vape Industry Criticises New Advertising Restrictions

    "Responding to the Committee of Advertising Practice’s (CAP) new code and guidance for the advertising of vape products, the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has criticised new marketing prohibitions they believe will impose unnecessary restrictions on their members’ legitimate business activities, and make it harder for smokers to find out about products that are at least 95 per cent less harmful than the tobacco they currently smoke."

    Vape Research – Nicotine delivery
    "A team, including Peter Hajek, from the Health and Lifestyle Research Unit at the Queen Mary University of London, has produced a paper documenting their examination of the efficiency of vaping devices to deliver nicotine. Despite anti-vape campaigners complaining about nicotine levels in eliquid, the research confirms that vape devices are far less efficient than traditional tobacco cigarettes."

    Shoutout to all ‘trying-to-quit’ smokers, E-cigarettes are NOT harmless!
    In a study published in JAMA Cardiology, there are growing evidence that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are not harmless.

    Fake News Alert! Readers of The Sun newspaper should know that earlier this week they had misquoated Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology. Please do your own research when reading 'news' stories on e-cigarettes.

    Belize to ban vaping?
    "In an interview to 7News, a local radio, the Director of the National Drug Abuse Control Council Belize (NADCC) was invited to talk about the draft of a tobacco control act. The odds are not good to have the e-cigarette considered as a solution to the deadly habit."

    Exploring PG Allergy: Sensitivities, Allergies and What Vapers Can Do About It
    This superb guide informs you about sensitivities to PG (Propylene Glycol) a common component in E-Liquid. The article explains the differences between being sensitive to PG and having an allergy to PG, which are hugely different. Whilst most Vapers feel no adverse effects to vaping juice containing PG, it's a great guide to help you enjoy your vaping experience even more.

    Barbados strengthen the law on Ecigs
    "Last week, Barbados, a tropical Island in the Caribbean strengthened tobacco laws to ban sales of vaping products to minors and to prohibit smoking and vaping in public places. A step towards a Nanny State policy?"

    How We Know Vaping Opponents are Driven by Ideology and Not Science
    'I have presented many examples on this blog over the past months demonstrating the fact that vaping opponents are being driven by ideology rather than science. But there is one observation I made which is dispositive. In legal terminology, dispositive means "evidence that unqualifiedly brings a conclusion to a legal controversy." This observation brings a conclusion to any controversy about whether the position and actions of vaping opponents have been science-based or ideology-based.'

    In response to S.A.’s government statements about e-cigs
    "Last Wednesday, four health experts met at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Johannesburg to discuss the current vaping situation in South Africa."

    Join Freedom to Vape at the Freedom Festival
    "Please join us at this year's Freedom Festival in Bournemouth. For those of you have never been, held every year in March, the Freedom Festival is an amazing weekend for anyone who cares about freedom and liberty. You will be able to play an active part in discussions and debates about the big political, economic and moral issues of the day. Over the weekend those who attend will rub shoulders with some of the most inspirational pro-freedom speakers from across the UK and overseas, including writers, politicians, academics, journalists, economists and philosophers."

  • News from the week in Vaping...27/01/2017

    Round-up of Vaping News 27/01/2017

    Apple prohibits Vaping apps
    Planet of the Vapes reported that Vape related content on the Apple app store is now prohibited. This means that no new apps containing Vaping related content will be rejected including updates to existing apps. Click on the headline for the full story.

    Trump invited by Rep. Hunter to consider repealing or suspending Ecigs regulations
    " Rep. Duncan Hunter signed a letter to inform President Trump about the crisis the e-cigarette sector is going through. He asks for a suspension, a repeal or a deferral of the regulations." - Could the new infamous President of USA save the vaping industry?

    Public Health Wales want you to vape, not enjoy it
    "The Welsh government may have failed to ban e-cigs in public places, but they’re determined that if you do use e-cigarettes to get off tobacco cigarettes, you’re not going to enjoy it." - Once again Vapers in Wales could be facing regulations. This time it's on limiting the choice of flavours for e-liquids, reducing the chances of smokers making the switch to vaping or even sending current vapers back to smoking.

    Apple patented a Vape
    "Apple files lots of patents for lots of potential products and manufacturing methods. Some are weird, some are cool, and some make almost no sense, but a newly uncovered patent application from the company is one of the rare examples of all three; Apple just patented a vape." - Could Apple be considering entering the Vape industry? We expect it to be called the iVape if they do...

    Healthy eating trend inspires surge in demand for almond milk, e-cigarettes and avocado
    The Independent report on what the people of Britain were consuming most in 2016 and E-Cigarettes made the cut. It looks like the British public are on a health kick which is great news. If you want to know what our Best Selling E-Liquids were in 2016 at Vape Emporium then CLICK HERE!

    Nicotine may help treat schizophrenia, study finds
    A new study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, suggests that nicotine may be able to help schizophrenia patients.

    And finally...we found this comedy sketch of what Non Vapers are like to be very entertaining! Watch the video below:

  • Top 20 Most Popular E-Liquid Flavours

    Every year we countdown the best selling e-liquids from VapeEmporium.com. Here are the most popular flavours of 2016...

    Continue reading

  • News from the week in Vaping...20/01/2017

    Round-up of Vaping News 20/01/2017


    The War against Vaping and E-cigarettes
    The E-Cig industry is fighting back against new government rules that they say hurts their quickly growing industry. Many customers say vaping has helped them stop the more dangerous cigarette smoking. So why are government agencies and others so against vaping? David Nazar has an exclusive interview with the man in charge of tobacco products at the FDA, and we talk to people who enjoy vaping.


    Iran: A vain effort to review scientific literature on Ecigs
    Researchers in Iran attempt a review of literature on e-cigarette with probably the idea to exploit their results for regulatory purposes. Unfortunately their effort is vain and leaves the results inconclusive.

    Vaping and Sperm
    An academic from University College London (UCL) claims that a study carried out by a Masters research student shows that some flavours have a massive impact on the health of sperm cells. She describes the results as “shocking” and demands that action is taken to reduce the risks for men hoping to reproduce.


    It’s been great, mech mods, but it’s time to say goodbye
    Fergus Mason calls for the end of Mechanical Mods in his latest blog post inspired by the media frenzy over another "e-cig explosion" this week. Mr Mason makes some valid points in this blog post and especially his comments on the Vaper who lost several teeth to his exploding hybrid mech mod. However, we believe Vapers should still have the choice of using unregulated or regulated devices. We always stress that Mechanical Mods can be dangerous through misuse and we are happy to inform customers on a face-to-face value in our London vape stores.

    One man's misfortune - a lesson for all of us.
    NNA Trustee Dave Dorn also expresses his concerns over the use of Mechanical Mods given the recent news story (see the post above).


    James Bond: The profile of a perfect vaper?
    Two researchers at the University of Otago in Wellington (New Zealand) got interested in tobacco use by James Bond and other characters of the Eon production series, especially by Bond's sexual partners. They also paid attention to tobacco-related spy-gadgetry over the six decades of the series and noticed he never used an e-cigarette so far.

  • Latest news in Vaping...13/01/2017

    Round-up of Vaping News 13/01/2017

    US politicians continue to disappoint, but French doctors investigate e-cigs for asthma treatment
    "Anti-vaping disinformation continues to spread in the USA with the release of a heavily biased advisory message in Tennessee, and an FDA announcement that suggests the agency is doubling down on its hostile attitude to the industry. New Zealand also saw controversy as an academic issued cryptic warnings about a tobacco product despite not even knowing what it was – a mystery that’s now been solved. On a brighter note, a team of French scientists have discovered that e-cigs could be the answer to a long-running problem in treating serious lung diseases."


    Thanks to years of misreporting, public mistrust of e-cigarettes jumps
    An increasing number of people believe e-cigarettes are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, according to an alarming study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

    Jacques Le Houezec: We’ll do our best to have vaping recognized by authorities
    Jacques Le Houezec is a French tobacco expert. He is and also president of the association SOVAPE. For the Vaping Post, he comes back on the events that lead to the birth of this association that aims at establishing vaping in the French harm-reduction landscape.

    Malaysia Moves To Ban Vape
    Malaysia snuggles in the South China Sea, near Singapore and Thailand who have taken a dim view on the use of electronic cigarettes. For a while, it looked as though Malaysia would resist calls to get tough, but time appears to have run out for harm reduction.


    E-cigarettes will save lives and should not be illegal in Australia
    "The future of electronic cigarette regulation is starting to be defined. Reviews and guidelines have recently been published in Britain, the US and the European Union, with attitudes and recommendations varying widely from one jurisdiction to another. Australian federal and state governments are also developing legislation that will have life-or-death implications for hundreds of thousands of smokers."

    Use of e-cigarettes (vaping) in the home:
    Advice for Parents...
    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) have issued advice for parents who may have concerns about the safety of smoking and/or using e-cigarettes in the home around their children.

  • News from the week in Vaping...06/01/2017

    Round-up of Vaping News 06/01/2017

    Nicotine and high-level sports, how compatible are they?
    An increasing number of athletes are consuming nicotine, aided by the popularity of e-cigarettes, because a common belief is that nicotine improves their performance in sports. The French newspaper 'L'équipe' brings the subject on table and asks: "Is nicotine a doping substance?" A question to which we try to give an answer.


    Vaping’s 2016 by Planet of the Vapes
    At the end of 2015, many were worried we had lived through a golden age of vaping and the future was all downhill. While 2016 was hardly a boom year like the preceding ones - it wasn’t quite the feared death of vaping either.


    Smoker’s Health Improved by Vaping
    Doctor Ricardo Polosa led a team of six other researchers and has recently published the findings in the journal Respiratory Research. It was titled “Evidence for harm reduction in COPD smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes” and forms part of an on-going series of pieces the journal is running, looking at the harms and benefits of vaping.


    Reporting on scientific publications, what to expect for 2017?
    End of the year, beginning of a new one. It is the right time to look back and take lessons from what happened last year to start a new year with an open mind.


    Guest blog: Smoking and vaping in public places
    Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Programme Lead at Public Health England, considers how vaping is changing thinking on smokefree policies

  • End of Year Awards 2016

    end of year awards ve 2016

    Do you agree? Do you think we've missed out on something awesome? Let us know by commenting below and tell us your favourite vaping items of 2016!

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