Vape Emporium are crowdfunding, join the revolution!

Vape Emporium are now Crowd Funding! This is your chance to invest in the booming vape industry and own a part of VE for the future. Watch the video below to discover more information...

In 2013 Hampstead, the Vape Emporium revolution began.

Since then, we have grown to become one of the most popular vape retailers in London by sticking to one core belief: the customers’ experience is everything.

After 4 years of careful product testing, development and community building, we have truly honed our craft and are now ready to take Vape Emporium to the next level.

As such, we are excited to announce our plans for major expansion. We are raising funds on the Seedrs crowdfunding platform, and need people like you to support us. We believe that crowdfunding perfectly aligns with our ethos and vision to expand Vape Emporium from 2 to 14 stores and become London’s leading vape retailer in the next 3 years.

So far we have helped countless people break their tobacco dependency and successfully transition to vaping. We want to continue driving this movement and spread the joy of a smoke-free life through vaping. With your help, we can do it.

You now have the opportunity to invest in us, become part of Vape Emporium and join the revolution.

Andy & Amar,

Co-founders of Vape Emporium.


1. Our plan is simple and focused: we want to exit the business in 3 years after the raise, providing investors with the opportunity for lucrative returns.

2. It is EIS qualifying (which means any investment would get a 30% rebate from the government to offset against tax and capital gains).

3. We have a proven and profitable business plan. All we need now is the funds to accelerate our growth and become the leading vape retailer in London.

4. The fundraiser is being managed through with all necessary compliance and legals in place. All funds will be uploaded onto the Seedrs platform to keep all funds in one place.

We want all of our customers, fans and supporters to share in our success and as part of our first-ever fundraising campaign, we are offering some unique and exclusive incentives! See below for our various offers:

£100-£499 = 10% discount online and instore for 6 months
£500-£999 = 10% discount online and instore for 12 months
£1,000-£1,999 = 15% discount online and instore for 12 months
£2,000-£4,999 = 15% discount online and instore for 24 months
£5,000+ = 20% discount online and instore for 24 months


Simply create an account on and follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click Here and hit the 'INVEST' button.

Step 2 - Enter the amount that you’d like to invest and accept the Investor Agreement.

Step 3 - Pay for the investment using a Debit Card or deposit money into your Seedrs account. You must deposit and pay for the investment before the campaign closes, or your investment will be cancelled and you will not receive shares in the business.

Step 4- Once the Campaign has closed you will be sent an electronic share certificate confirming you are officially an investor in Vape Emporium, including a link to our post-investment portal where you can keep in touch with us and our progress.


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