Two flavours, endless bubbles. If you like bubble tea, you will love these vape e-liquids.

Jazzy Boba is an e-liquid taste sensation that has swept the States and became very popular at Vape Emporium in 2015. In the same year, Jazzy Boba was awarded as Best in Show at Vape Summit.

Now in 4 incredible flavours! Visit our London based vape shops in Hampstead or Richmond and you can try each Boba flavour e-liquid before you buy!

Boba tea, also known as pearl milk tea or Bubble tea, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in the 1980s. Boba or Bubble tea usually contain a tea base together with fruit or milk. They then add chewy tapioca balls that are like little jelly balls into the mix. When shaking the drink, foam is created – hence why they call it Bubble tea. The tapioca has a nickname of Boba – hence Boba Tea.

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