Vape like candy with this wonderful new range of e-liquids by Taffy Man...

Taffy Man e-liquids have arrived at Vape Emporium in 5 wonderful fruit candy flavours! Taffy Man stick e-liquids use a unique sea salt taffy candy flavour combined with a variety of fruits to create a wonderful vape experience. Taffy candy is famously known for seaside resorts across North America and in the United Kingdon, now you can vape this taffy inspired vape juice with this range.

K3nana = Banana & Kiwi with Taffy flavour

Gr8 Ape = Grape & Taffy flavour

Tr4 Blu = Blue raspberry & Taffy flavour

B1g Apl = Green Apple & Taffy flavour

H20 Berry = Strawberry, Watermelon & Taffy flavour

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