Pedestrian e-Liquids by The Vape Kitchen – Delicious Max VG vape juices.

The Vape Kitchen's Pedestrian line has some of the most flavourful and smoothest e-liquids on the market because the creators only use the best ingredients available.

The vegetable glycerine & nicotine used are 100% USP Grade Kosher and sourced from the most reputable US companies. The Vape Kitchen e-liquid products are created in sunny Southern California and are always free of diacetyl, water, food colouring and artificial sweeteners. Vape Kitchen's e-liquids are made as 'Max VG' (up to 100% vegetable glycerine).

Chef Oren who is the owner and mad chemist of The Vape Kitchen is a classically trained chef who studied in the culinary arts in San Francisco many moons ago before chefs were ever known as TV celebrities. He also worked at a few well known restaurants in Los Angeles. His expertly trained palate can formulate and/or recreate any flavour one could dream up in any vaping juice.

Note: We no longer sell the original Vape Kitchen range of E-Liquids at Vape Emporium. However, we have a exciting new line from Chef Oren and team with PEDESTRIAN – Check out our three debut flavours full of fruity goodness that you will love to vape all day long!

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