Red Vape, the finest ingredients for an unforgettable vaping experience

Red Vapes are premium e-liquids blending only the finest quality ingredients. These fantastic and complex e-liquids are made in the UK, combining premium quality with heritage values for a unique, great vape experience.

The Red Vape range is slightly different from other ranges of e-liquid. Commonly flavours of e-liquid have an optional range of nicotine levels to choose from. We would like to point out that Red Vape have specific nicotine levels per flavour, so please choose carefully.

In addition, Red Vape has a premium range called ‘Reserva’ – these bottles are twice the size as the normal Red Vape range with 30ml bottles. They are soaked in old oak barrels used for whiskey and liqueurs giving the range of e-liquid a very special touch.

Every vaping juice is free from preservatives and artificial colourings and made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine only.

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