Have you tried The Vial Tonics yet? The gourmet range of e-liquid all the way from Hawaii, available in the UK and Europe exclusively at Vape Emporium!

The Vial Tonics offer a unique and tantalising vaping experience. Every vape juice flavour is totally unique, with surprising, yet delightful, aftertastes.

Not sure which to try first? Why not start with the most popular: Cafe Latte. Or go straight to the brand new juices: Sacre Bleu, Fraiche Le Citron, or Noix & Chocolat.

FEELING CURIOUS? You can sample any of the The Vial Tonics vape liquid in our vape shops before you buy.

Vape Emporium is the UK and Europe’s exclusive distributor of The Vial Tonics e-liquids, an amazing and diverse gourmet range of premium Hawaiian liquids. Contact us for more information

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