Comp Lyfe Battle Cap S

Comp Lyfe Battle Cap S

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Availability: In stock

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Comp Lyfe Battle Cap S

Comp Lyfe Battle Cap S


Prepare for a Vape war with these amazing Battle Cap S designs from Comp Lyfe...

The Comp Lyfe Battle Cap S has been designed to be used with the Comp Lyfe Battle Deck. 

  • Engraved skull logo on one side and 'Battle Cap S' on the opposite side.
  • Fits the Battle Deck, Torpedo Atty, Tugboat, and others with the same size diameter.
  • All Battle Caps are manufactured in an ISO certified medical grade facility with ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.
  • FDA registered, machined with naval brass, stainless steel, or copper.
  • Gasket in the top works with all Comp Lyfe wide bore drip tips.

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