UD Vape Pocket

Travel bag for vapers

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UD Vape Pocket

Travel bag for vapers


Now you can vape and travel in style with this UD designed travel bag for vapers.

Vapers who are on the move should add the Vape Pocket to their basket. Made by UD (YouDe) and designed to store all your vaping goods that you need on the go, whether you are commuting to work or travelling the globe, this bag will be an ideal addition to your kit.

Featuring a total of 22 pockets, this double-sided zipped bag can store your vape gear like mods, tanks, e-liquid bottles in various sizes, coils, cotton, tools and much more.

The bag features padded pockets and durable design with an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle too. This will keep all your vape gear safely stored when travelling.

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""This is the perfect travel companion for vapers.""

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