Pax 2 Vaporiser

Compact portable dry herb vaporiser

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Availability: In stock

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Pax 2 Vaporiser

Compact portable dry herb vaporiser


The land of portable dry herb vaporisers just got a new Sheriff in town and it's the Pax 2...

The original Pax vaporiser was one of the most critically acclaimed portable vaporisers in the world and was a huge seller in the USA (distribution to the rest of the world was limited) but now the upgraded version is here with the Pax 2 and is available in the UK at Vape Emporium!

The Pax 2 is 10% lighter than its predecessor, 25% smaller but has 30% longer battery life. This portable vaporiser is lighter than your smartphone and will fit in your pocket discreetly.

Coming with four temperature settings this awesome new device has an internal accelerometer so it knows when you're bringing your lips to the mouthpiece and preserves your herbs for longer by staying cool when not in direct use.

Check the temperature of your device and its battery life through the colourful LED glowing Pax logo. The Pax 2 features just one button on the whole device for ultimate ease-of-use.

Re-charge your device on the magnetic charging dock, which heats up your chosen dry herb in under one minute so there is no waiting around. The Pax 2 also features 'party mode' for social vaping.

Keep your product well maintained and performing at its best with the cleaning tools included.

How to use the Pax 2

To fill: Simply remove the magnetic door on the base of the device and fill with your chosen aromatic herbal blend or material and close.

To heat: Once filled, simply press down on the top button located on the mouthpiece and the device will begin to heat up.

To change temperature: Hold the top button for two seconds to enter temperature selection mode. Press the button again to cycle through the temperatures. Hold for two seconds to set your desired temperature.

Pax 2 features:

  • 4 temperature settings: 360ºF (182ºC) – Low, 380ºF (193ºC) – Medium, 400ºF (204ºC) – Medium-High, 420ºF (216ºC) – High
  • Deep chamber for filling with your aromatic materials
  • Motion sensing technology
  • Quick heat-up time
  • USB charging dock
  • Simple one-button usage
  • ’Party mode’ for social vaping

What's in the box?

  • Pax 2 vaporiser
  • Magnetic oven lid
  • USB charging dock
  • 2 x interchangeable mouthpieces (flat and raised)
  • 10 x cleaning tools and bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol cleaner

Vape Emporium loves this because...

"One of the best, if not THE best portable dry herb vaporisers we have ever used – Excellent vapour production from something so discreet and easy to use on the go. We especially love the Special Limited Edition gold version!"

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