Comp Lyfe 25mm HK Diamond Knurl Mod-Brass

Brass 25mm Mech Mod by Comp Lyfe

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Comp Lyfe 25mm HK Diamond Knurl Mod-Brass

Brass 25mm Mech Mod by Comp Lyfe


Turn your hand checks into luxury with this 25mm Diamond Knurled mech mod by Comp Lyfe in a Brass finish!

  • First mod by Comp Lyfe!
  • Large 25mm diameter tube in Diamond Knurled Brass design
  • Fixed 510 hybrid top
  • 9 vent holes
  • Recessed fire button with magnets
  • Peak insulator
  • Knurled button housing

The luxurious Diamond Knurl mech mod from Comp Lyfe in Brass is a 25mm tube with a hybrid 510 top for great conductivity and knurled button housing. Featuring button magnets and recessed button so it rests on the mods structure, plus 9 vent holes at the top to improve safety.

The HK Diamond Knurl in Brass from Comp Lyfe is a SOLID all American made competition mechanical mod, for a hard-hitting vape experience!


Mechanical mods have no short circuit protection and therefore require knowledge of Battery safety and Ohm's law to operate safely. We recommend using an ohm meter reader in order to make sure that the coil is at a safe vaping resistance level.

DO NOT USE Tanks on Mechanical mods.

Vape Emporium will not be held liable for any misfortune or harm caused by the use or misuse of this device.

Comp Lyfe 25mm HK Diamond Knurl Brass Mod Features...

  • 25mm tube mod
  • Diamond Knurl detailed design
  • Brass quality finish
  • Fixed 510 hybrid connection for enhanced conductivity
  • 9 venting holes
  • Recessed fire button (the mod rests on the housing structure)
  • Button uses magnets (optional magnet strengths can be purchased separately)
  • Knurled button housing

Vape Emporium loves this because...

"So good in every way, we just can't put it down, our precious!"

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