Mechanical Mods

A mechanical mod is the most simplistic form of vaping, delivering power directly from your battery to your atomiser, without any circuitry or electronic regulation. Mechs, historically were used by experienced vapers to power low ohm coil builds, because at the time there were no regulated mods that could fire close to or below 1.0 ohm. Because of this lack of circuitry, mech mods can be inherently dangerous in untrained hands.

The rise in quality, regulated devices that can fire low ohm builds has been making mechanical mods even more of a niche product – however popularity is as strong as ever. We like to think of mechs and regulated mods like classic and modern cars. Mechs being the classics - beautiful, raw and undiluted, but they take more care, attention, knowledge and maintenance than a regulated device – but are somehow more rewarding and can feel more special to use and own.

We only recommend mech mods to those experienced vapers, who understand ohms law and battery limitations and the effect that has on building, setting up and using a mechanical device.

Mech mods don’t only come in tube form. Check out our exclusive range of stunning, handcrafted, one-off VE-Pipes...

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