Bare Aluminium Able Mechanical Mod by Avid Lyfe

Mechanical Mod made to the highest quality by Avid Lyfe

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Bare Aluminium Able Mechanical Mod by Avid Lyfe

Mechanical Mod made to the highest quality by Avid Lyfe


Bare Aluminium Able Competition Mod by Avid Lyfe


Vape Emporium are proud to bring you the Avid Lyfe Aluminium Able Competition Mod, one of the most coveted mods on the market and for good reason. The aluminium Able is the a hard hitting mechanical mod from mastermind Eric Hutchinson’s Avid Lyfe, additionally providing you the convenience of customization with interchangeable sleeves.

The Aluminum Able Competition Mod requires absolutely no adjustments for battery rattle – just put in your battery and its good to go! Able mods feature a unique ‘top hat’ design for heat dissipation and all atty’s should fit flush on the 24mm top hat. The Avid Lyfe, aluminium Able Competition Mod is built with thick walls, adding to the durability and electrical conductivity of the mod, making it a really hard hitting but also super light mod.


Mechanical mods have no short circuit protection and therefore require knowledge of Battery safety and Ohm's law to operate safely. We recommend using an ohm meter reader in order to make sure that the coil is at a safe vaping resistance level.

DO NOT USE Tanks on Mechanical mods.

Vape Emporium will not be held liable for any misfortune or harm caused by the use or misuse of this device.

Avid Lyfe, Able Mod Features...

  • 24mm diameter mod
  • Aluminium construction
  • Unique Avid Lyfe, Able Mod Brass hybrid "top hat" cap for direct connection between your atomizer and battery
  • 18650 (only) tube for interchangeable sleeves for customized looks
  • Comes with black carbon fibre sleeve
  • Adjustable bottom-fire button with opposing rare earth magnets


Vape Emporium loves this because...

"Eric Hutchinson’s Able Mods are one of our favourite mods of all time and we are proud to have them on our shelves – often imitated but never matched"

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