UK Vaping Mods: Best Electronic and Mechanical Vape Mods

Originally meaning an e-cig with a ‘modification’, mods is now a general term for more advanced e-cigarettes.

Digital/electronic and mechanical vaping mods enable longer battery life and bigger vapour (clouds) production, but are typically much bigger.

New users may find these e cig vape mods too large to start with, but time and again we see that once people get used to vaping, they want to go BIG! Mechanical vaping mods (such as Able Mods, Comp Lyfe Mods & E-Pipes) aren't digital, which means they are really for advanced users only. And digital variable voltage mods are for those with decent knowledge of electronics.

PLEASE NOTE: Batteries are sold separately.

For advice on how to use either style of mod, please pay us a visit at our vape shop - we would be happy to show you how to get vaping like a pro!

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