Infinite CLT V3 RDA

CLT V3 RDA by Infinite. The latest incarnation of the fantastic CLT RDA

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Availability: In stock


Infinite CLT V3 RDA

CLT V3 RDA by Infinite. The latest incarnation of the fantastic CLT RDA


The CLT V3 RDA by Infinite: The latest incarnation of the fantastic CLT RDT now on SALE!


The latest incarnation after the success of the V1 and V2. With this latest CLT Version 3, Infinite have improved this fantastic little dripper once again.

The CLT V3 RDA comes with a 3 piece design. It features a newly designed airflow similar in style to the Mutation X RDA - fully adjustable and can be super airy with all three airholes wide open.

Super easy to build on the CLT V3 deck has a 4mm deep juice well so can hold a fair amount of liquid.

The new CLT V3 also has a brand new Wide Bore Drip Cap which can make some huge weather changing clouds! Each package comes with a selection of drip tips: Large Delrin, Medium Delrin and Stainless Steel Drip Tip. 

The CLT V3 keeps itself nice and cool with its heat sink design top cap as well as the deck. 

All the contacts on the CLT V3 dripper are solid brass to aid conductivity and minimise voltage drop.

CLT V3 RDA by Infinite features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 22mm diameter
  • 510 threaded connection
  • 3 piece desin
  • Brass contact
  • Changeable drip tips
  • 3 stainless steel posts
  • Newly design adjustable airholes
  • Engraved logo

Note: When it comes to using any new RDA, we recommended you thoroughly wash and clean the RDA thoroughly and carefully to remove any machine oils or production debris.

Warning: This is an advanced vape product meant for advanced users only. You must have a good knowledge of ohms’s law, battery capacity, coils building skills. This is not a plug and play product. It requires knowledge, skill and experience to use. Always remember to CHECK YOUR OHMS!

If in doubt call us or email us – we are here to help!
Vape Emporium will not be held responsible for any damages caused. 

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