Aeronaut 24 RDA

Aeronaut (Version 2) 24 RDA

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Aeronaut 24 RDA

Aeronaut (Version 2) 24 RDA


Introducing the Aeronaut (Version 2) RDA 24mm, fully upgraded and redesigned dripper!

  • Bigger RDA, now 24mm
  • Spring Loaded Clamps on Build Deck
  • Replaceable top cap with 510 drip tip connection
  • Independent airflow control on top and bottom
  • Bottom "squonk" feeder pin included
  • Interchangable AFC Tubes
  • Leak resistant design

The original Aeronaut was a huge success when it first appeared on the VE shelves in 2015. Innovatively designed by a Vaper who was looking to create a unique vape experience has now released the upgrade that Aeronaut fans have been waiting for...the Version 2!

On first impressions, the most noticeable change on the Aeronaut 24 RDA is the two-part design, which replaces the all-in-one top cap on the original. Now Vapers can remove the standard wide bore tipped cap for a top cap with a 510 drip tip connection (included). That's right, now you can use all your favourite drip tips with the new Aeronaut!

Secondly, the biggest change for the V2 is the Build Deck. The Clamp connections are now offset and spring loaded for easier coil changes, whilst the positive pin has been redesigned for a better connection. The offset clamp connections accommodate all single coil builds, no matter how big or adventurous! Another advantage of the offset clamps is to improve the wicking space for your new coil builds.

The Aeronaut 24 now has adjustable airflow control. Spin either the bottom or top caps to close off the airflow holes at your preference, another new feature that was lacking from the original model.

The adjustable AFC (air flow control) tubes remain in the same format that worked so well previously, allowing Vapers to customise the air flow of their vape like no other Dripper on the market.

Need to see this Dripper in action? Check out the first video review of the Aeronaut V2 by AmbitionZ Vaper...

Aeronaut 24 RDA (V2) Features...

  • 24mm diameter
  • Removable top cap
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Interchangable AFC Tubes
  • Adjust airflow control independtly
  • Spring loaded clamping connection
  • Gold plated brass centre-pin (Non-adjustable)
  • Bottom feeder pin included - Use with Squonk style mods
  • Leak resistant design
  • 10mm juice well & improved wicking space
  • Milled-in negative post

What's in the Box?

  • Aeronaut 24 RDA
  • Replaceable top cap for 510 drip tip connection
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x bottom feeder pin
  • 2 x AFC tubes (spare)
  • Spare O-rings, screws & springs

Vape Emporium loves this because...

”We loved the original...and we love the Version 2! The Aeronaut 24 RDA really maximises the potential of amazing single coil builds for a great vaping experience!"

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