Pro Stick Wires by Alotawire

Quality wire for coil building

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Pro Stick Wires by Alotawire

Quality wire for coil building


Build luxurious coils with these wire sticks from Alotawire

Pro Sticks by Alotawire feature the best wire material to start building some great coils to enhance your vaping experience.

Choose from the following variety:

The following wire tubes each contain four 5.5" stands of pre-made complex wire structures that are perfect for Vapers looking to build complexed coils to run on suitable RDAs and RTAs.

Alien Wire (3 pieces of 30ga Kanthal cores Clapton in 36ga Nichrome 80)

Framed Staple Wire (2 pieces of 30ga Kanthal framing 4 pieces of 3mm KA1 Ribbon and Clapton'd in 36ga Nichrome 80)

Fused Clapton Wire (2 pieces of 28ga Kanthal Clapton'd in 36ga Nichrome 80))

The Deluxe Wire stick package contains 2 pieces (5.5") of each Pro Stick wire listed above.

Care Advice

If you are new to building coils we would not recommend you start with these Pro Stick wires. These wires are for experienced vapers who are looking to build complex coils that could result in low resistances. Please make sure you use correct vaping tools and an Ohm Meter Reader before using on your mod.

Vape Emporium loves this because...

"Quality wire finishes that coil builders will love to play with"

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