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BMI Goldie RDA



Go back to basics with this 'killa' RDA from Beast Mode Industries.

BeastMode Industries (BMI) has made amazing box mods in the last year, but now it's turned its focus onto rebuildables with this amazing new dripper: Goldie – Back 2 Basics Killa RDA.

The BMI team wanted to create a product that would be affordable for all vapers to purchase, but have still used only premium materials to create an extremely impressive dripper.

BMI aimed to create a dripper that was heavy-duty and with a simplistic design and mechanism. The Goldie is the result, available in a host of amazing finished colours.

By no means is this a 'light' atomizer, it's robust and it is heavier than most RDAs you may have used previously. The gold looking engraving is actually brass that has been painted over, but still giving an amazing effect. The base or 'build deck' is also brass and completely 24k gold-plated for maximum conductivity. That is not all, the centre post is rectangular and goes ALL the way down to the base, which reduces spinning whilst screwing the top screws.

The Goldie RDA is certainly a back-to-basics dripper, and we agree that some things are just meant to be kept simple, but made efficiently.

BMI Goldie Back 2 Basics Killa RDA features...

  • Complete 24k gold-plated deck and posts for max conductivity
  • 22mm diameter
  • Brass-made and colour coated
  • 4 pieces in total: Deck, drip shield, chuff cap, optional top cap to accommodate different drip tips
  • Deep laser etched logo that is gold in colour and brass shining through
  • Deep juice well to avoid leaks
  • 2.7mm post holes
  • Simple 4 AFC system (airflow)
  • 4 Post holes with Philips screw heads
  • Heavy overall weight compared to most drippers

Vape Emporium loves this because...

”We did not think BMI could top the BMI Mini, but this Dripper is simply incredible!”

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