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Purveyors of high quality, high Cannabinoid, high terpene, low THC (non-psychoactive) flower. Through our years of experience working with suppliers, retailers and directly with customers in the world of Cannabinoid based products, we found a need to source premium flowers from the best European hemp farmers.

All farmers comply with E.U. cultivation standards using Non-GMO practices. We test all batches at source, then again in the UK by a certified 3rd party laboratory. 

Our Natural Hemp is delivered in re-sealable 1g Mylar packaging. All products are from plants with a maximum of 0.2% total THC when farmed (on the field), packs contain < 0.1% THC delta9 (equating to <0.1mg/g per sealed 1 gram container), complying with all UK laws and Home Office regulations.