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The Best E-Liquid Brands For Starters

It's no secret that smoking regular tobacco comes with a host of potential health issues. Cigarettes contain a host of chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide - which in the worst cases can lead to cancer and incurable heart disease.

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes, many people have stopped smoking and switched to vaping as a healthier alternative. As e-cigarettes contain no tar or carbon monoxide, they're a lot safer than traditional cigarettes but replicate the experience of smoking.

If you're new to vaping and are looking for the best e-liquid brands in the UK, then this is the article for you. We will cover what people should look for when starting with vaping and which companies offer some of the best options available on today's market.

Finding the best e-liquid brands for beginners is about knowing what to look for.

If you're new to vaping, knowing what to look for can be confusing. Everything from flavours to nicotine levels and customer feedback should influence your decision.

Let's take a look at each in more detail.


The best thing about switching from smoking to vaping is that you get to experience more versatility, so it's helpful to find a brand that offers a lot of flavours.

E-liquid companies have a lot of competition, which means they're bringing some inventive flavours to the market. You can get your nicotine hit while enjoying the taste of your favourite desserts, sweets and fruit.

Nicotine Levels

Generally speaking, most people start with a nicotine level that equates to how many cigarettes they're used to smoking a day. Heavy smokers should begin with 18 - 20 mg, while moderate smokers should choose an e-liquid with 10 - 16 mg nicotine.

Light smokers will be best with a 3-6 mg blend, and most companies offer nicotine-free e-liquids too.

It's best to find a company that provides a range of nicotine strengths for every flavour because then you have more flexibility over reducing or increasing your nicotine intake.

Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews is the most reliable way of finding out which brands offer good quality. You'll be able to find a lot of information about what people like and dislike, how quickly it was delivered and the value for money.

It's worth looking at several websites before you make a final decision - this should give you an idea of the most popular picks out there.

Our 6 Favourite E-Liquid Brands

There are so many e-liquid brands around, but we've narrowed it down to six that exceed our expectations regarding flavour, variety and cost.

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is one of the most popular e-liquid brands in the UK, and for a good reason. They offer a wide range of flavours, multiple nicotine levels and excellent customer service. Dinner Lady should be your go-to choice if you're starting with vaping!

The company is renowned for creating flavourful e-liquids, and some of their best creations include:

  • Tobacco - Traditional Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco and Cafe Tobacco
  • Dessert - Popular puddings including Lemon Tart, Blackberry Crumble and Strawberry Macaroon
  • Fruit - Melon, Blueberry, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry & Coconut
  • Sweets - Jelly Bean, Bubblegum, Sherbet

There's also a menthol range which is perfect if you love a nicotine-infused minty blast to refresh you.

All Dinner Lady creations come in a range of strengths, so they're suitable for all vapers. If you want a more intense throat hit, there's also a Nic Salts collection.

IVG (I Vape Great)

IVG is another leading e-liquid brand in the UK, and they offer a fantastic range of flavours, nicotine levels and VG/PG ratios. This company is perfect for those looking to start vaping as they have something for everyone.

Some of IVG's most popular flavours include:

  • Tobacco - Gold Virginia style, Silver tobacco
  • Desserts - Cookie Dough, Jam Roly Poly, Bubblegum
  • Fruit - Blueberry, Strawberry, Kiwi, Lemon
  • Menthol - Traditional mint flavours, along with fruit and menthol blasts

As you become more experienced with vaping, you can move on to the highly customisable shortfill e-liquid range.

Doozy Vape Co

Doozy Vape Co is a British e-liquid company that offers an impressive range of flavours, with something to suit everyone. From sweet and fruity blends to rich and intense tobacco flavours, Doozy has you covered.

The thing that truly sets Doozy Vape apart is the sheer smoothness of their vape juices. You'll have a hard time finding e-liquids that offer a smoother throat hit!

Their most popular flavours are:

  • Tobacco - Classic Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco
  • Menthol - Orange Blast, Berry Chill
  • Dessert - Dream Shake, Berry Pie

You can also try the incredible Baccy Roots collection, which is perfect for tobacco lovers.

Double Drip

Double drip really brings their A-game, with a wide array of flavours, combined with their high-quality manufacturing.

Favourite flavours include:

  • Tobacco - Original & Caramel Flavours
  • Sweets - Fizzy Cola Bottles, Cherry Bakewell, Cherry Cola, Sherbet

The company offers 30ml shortfill bottles and nicotine salts if you want to get an intense hit - but as with other brands, we recommend you start with a traditional e-liquid.


VE-Liquid is one of the UK's leading e-liquid companies, and they're known for their immaculate customer service. They offer a wide range of flavours and multiple nicotine levels to suit all vapers.

Instead of focusing on lots of flavours, they offer USA tobacco and a menthol blend crafted to perfection.

If you're looking for traditional flavours, then VE-Liquid is a brand that consistently delivers on quality.

Halycon Haze

Halycon Haze is perfect for those looking for something different, as their flavours are all unique. Instead of focusing on tobacco and dessert flavours, the company creates e-liquids that are perfect if you want to try something a bit different.

  • Northern Lights - A mixture of fruit punch and liquorice
  • Gin's Addiction - Mint, Blackcurrant, Lemon and Gin
  • Lizzy Rascal - Berry Mojito

While the packaging and flavours are all high-end, the cost is actually very reasonable.

If you'd like to get some fantastic deals on the best e-liquid brands, make sure you find a reputable manufacturer. Most importantly, enjoy the vaping experience and don't be afraid to try a range of flavours.