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The Cotton Candy Collection (Pouch) Rebuild Vape Emporium Store

The Cotton Candy Collection (Pouch)

A pack of premium organic cotton for wicking
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Wick like you never have before with some Cotton Candy.


  •  0.15 oz. of organic cotton
  • Contains no Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Insecticides, Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Non-Transgenic fibre

Calling all vape builders, have you tried the Cotton Candy Collection? A pack of organic cotton fibre that is absolutely perfect for wicking your coil builds to maximise your vaping experience.

Made by vapers, for vapers - the Cotton Candy Collection is from Non-Transgenic seeds meaning it contains no GMOs or other nasty additions. It is organic as they come and the fibre is so good you will not have to wait for a break-in period for your juice to soak. This cotton can withstand high temperatures too which suits all coil builds and vaping methods.

Vape Emporium loves this because...

"Quality wick, one of the best cottons we have used for our coil builds, we highly recommend you try!"

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