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Can You Put Any Vape Liquid in Any Vape?

One of the best things about vaping is the sheer variety of e-liquids available. Whether you want to replicate the taste of your favourite tobacco, prefer dessert-themed treats or love the fresh-tasting hit of a fruity menthol mix, there's something for everyone.

A common question we get from our customers at Vape Emporium is whether a bottle of e-liquid is suitable for every vape device.

In the big picture, yes, you can. But certain e-liquids suit different kits, so you might not get to enjoy the full complexity of a flavour if you're using it in a specific device.

This post will look at the different types of e-liquids and which vape kits bring out their distinct flavours. So, if you're ready to enjoy a fuller vaping experience, sit back, relax and let us show you which e-liquids are best for your device.

E-Liquid Types & What They Mean

If you've bought e-liquids before, you'll probably notice there are different labels on each. Let's take a look at the four most common e-liquid types and what they mean.

PG E-Liquids

Propylene Glycol (PG) E-Liquids are a favourite choice among smokers because they offer a more intense throat hit. Any form of tobacco smoking, whether it's cigarettes or a pipe, hits a person's throat hard, so high PG vape juices can replicate the experience. 

Because PG juice can be harsh, it's usually best for mouth to lung vapers instead of direct to lung vapers because the hit can prove to be too intense. 

High PG liquids perform best when they're vaped at lower temperatures, and the nicotine content has more of an effect than in other e-liquid types.

VG E-Liquids

VG or Vegetable Glycerin vape juices are sought after among people that like to create heavy clouds with their vape devices. Its consistency is thicker than PG heavy liquids, and if you ever see photos of people with colossal vape clouds coming out of their mouths, it's almost certainly because they're using a high VG juice. 

Direct to lung vapers also prefer VG liquids because it provides a denser hit. But using high nicotine e-liquids can cause problems in your chest, so it's common for DTL vapers to choose low nicotine content vape juice.


A lot of people find shortfills confusing, but they're straightforward to use. Each shortfill vape juice has no nicotine content because they're designed to accommodate flexibility. 

You can buy separate nic shots to customise the balance of nicotine and flavour for your personal preferences, which adds to the experience.

50/50 Vape Juice

For the everyday vaper, 50/50 e-liquid is probably the standard type they'll purchase. The idea of a 50/50 blend is to balance the qualities of both VG and PG liquid, which creates a better experience. 

If you're looking for strong flavour, moderate clouds and the right balance of a strong throat hit and nicotine rush, then a 50/50 juice will suit your needs. 

In fact, 50/50 juices are suitable for most vape devices, so it's popular for people that enjoy vaping but prefer a no-frills approach to getting their nicotine hit.

Which Liquid Should I Choose For a Starter Kit/Vape Pen?

In most cases, you'll start with a cheap vape kit and work your way up to a more advanced pen. We usually recommend selecting a 50/50 vape juice with the nicotine content that suits your individual needs. 

For example, a heavy smoker switching to vaping will need a much higher nicotine content than a social smoker that isn't reliant on nicotine. 

You can choose between a selection of premium e-liquids, including tobacco, fruit, menthol, dessert and sweet flavours.

How About Mod Devices?

There comes a time for many a vaper when they begin to feel they're not getting enough from their vape pen anymore. In a way, it's similar to smoking because people start with the odd cigarette, then find they have a 20 a day habit. 

Luckily, vaping is significantly healthier than smoking, and if you're outgrowing your current kit, a mod device might be just what you need. 

Mods are higher powered devices, which offer a more customisable experience for all vapers. For example, you can change the coil type and wattage to suit mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping at varying temperatures. 

The mods also have different power settings and airflow configuration features, so you can tailor the intensity of your hit according to your preferences. 

In many cases, choosing a high VG vape juice will offer the best experience, but we advise you to opt for a 70/30 VG heavy split if you prefer some PG content. 

Top Tips From The Team 

At Vape Emporium, we pretty much know everything there is to know about vaping - well, it is our job. Whether you're new to e-cigarettes or a seasoned vaper, here are some tips from the team about how to make the best of your experience. 

Start Slow

As the saying goes, don't run until you can walk. Begin with a starter kit, and work your way up to mods. 

Your Comfort Comes First

Some people might find they're sensitive to high PG e-liquid, so we always recommend that you switch to VG if you notice any allergic reactions. 

Enjoy the Experience

With so many vape juice blends to choose between, don't limit yourself to one specific flavour. You might find something that you love! 

Vaping is an Investment

If you're moving from smoking to vaping, congratulations; you'll be healthier, happier and wealthier. It's a lot cheaper than smoking, but we recommend you find yourself a high-quality starter kit that will last you a long time. 

Most people don't move onto mods immediately, so choosing quality materials from a reputable manufacturer is best. 

If you enjoyed reading this post or have anything to add, please feel free to talk about it in the comments section. We love hearing from our community of vapers and regularly update our blog with top vaping tips and exclusive reviews.