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Biggest mistakes people make when moving from Smoking to Vaping

1. Bought an unsuitable vape kit

We often have customers bring in devices sold to them as an alternative to smoking that simply will not match the smoking experience. Vaping has evolved to support a diverse mix of tastes and preferences. Ensure you choose a vaping kit that provides the same sensation you enjoy from smoking. As with most investments, the best buy is the one that delivers exactly what you hoped for (not what you might have settled for). This doesn’t mean breaking the bank, just buying the best the market has available to meet your budget. Conversely, buying expensive vape kits isn’t the answer either. The more expensive kits are often aimed at those keen to show off their investment by creating huge dense clouds of vapour which, whilst visually impressive don’t match the typical smoking experience. 

2. Buying the wrong strength juice (e-liquid)

E-liquid is the flavoured liquid that ‘vapers’ put in their vaping device. The device heats the liquid into a vapour that you inhale, in place of smoke. As well as flavour choice you choose the strength of nicotine present. We recommend approximately 12-16mg strength liquid to match the nicotine hit from a typical cigarette brand and 18-20mg, for stronger cigarette smokers.

3. Buying the wrong flavoured e-liquid

By settling for an e-liquid that attracted purely because of a low price, you miss out on one of the most enjoyable parts of vaping, discovering amazing flavours beyond tobacco! Choosing a good quality flavour, that you enjoy, can make vaping a pleasurable experience and make the transition from cigarettes a lot easier, whist still being much cheaper then smoking cigarettes. We recommend a new convert play it safe with a familiar good quality tobacco flavour, for example; USA No 1 tobacco, Roasted Virginia or Sweet Virginia. For a menthol smoker, we recommend Subzero. Beyond that the choices are amazing!

Why doesn’t the NHS supply e-cigarettes?

Simply, e-cigarettes are not a medicine and because vaping is much cheaper than smoking tobacco (20% the cost, once you have bought the device), the argument goes that the financial incentive is already there for patients to switch themselves, therefore the NHS should not pay for them.


These starter kits are ideal for the new vaper, trying to quit the ciggies.

Each device below mimics the action and experience of smoking and with an almost unlimited choice of flavours!

Explore the flavour choices today, we include one free VE Liquid (the highly popular house VE Liquid range), just add your choice of VE Liquid to the basket...


Innokin T18E Vape Starter Kit *  Innokin T18E Starter Kit (BUY NOW) -  A tight inhale just like a cigarette.

Innokin T20S Vape Kit * Innokin T20s Starter Kit (BUY NOW)-Looser draw & supports high VG eliquids.

Aspire Zelos Vape Kit 50w * Aspire Zelos Vape Kit 50w(BUY NOW)- Long lasting battery with Nautilus 2 tank.

Choosing a vape juice:


T18e and Zelos kit work best with juices such as:



The T20S works with all our juice types.


Nicotine Guide:

6mg Nicotine = Light (such as Silk Cut Blue)

12mg Nicotine = Medium (such as Marlboro Light)

18mg Nicotine = High (such as Marlboro Red)


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