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So You Want to Learn Vape Tricks?

Whenever we have some downtime in our vape shop (or even when it's busy) our team is always perfecting the latest vape trick. So we thought it would be cool to make a “how to…” guide for the ones we're working on right now, so you can practice and perform them yourself.

Vape Tricks have become an extremely popular sub-culture in the world of vaping. Championship competitions are on the rise. We are considering hosting our own at our new store opening in Richmond, London next week, so stay tuned for more news on that front! 

We previously hosted a Cocktail Party & Cloud Chasing night last November to celebrate our collaboration with Sanctum Soho Hotel. If you are wondering what cloud chasing is then have a look at this piece on The Guardian. 

In the past we shared this video of one of our Vaping Consultants, Chris, in the Hampstead store making a few vape cloud bubble tricks (a guide to create 'The Bubble' is on that page).

Now what about other Vape Tricks that you may or may not know about? How do you go about performing them? Well check out this guide to some interesting techniques to create some magical vapour...

O-Rings (Donut Rings, Smoke Rings, O’s)

Blowing vapour out in the shape of a big ring is the most common trick amongst vapers. O-rings were quite common with smokers but vaping just made it so much cooler, because it looks better, tastes better, healthier and doesn't hurt your throat.

Cara Delevigne and Michelle Rodriguez enjoying making O-Rings

There are many methods to making an O-ring. For a start, make sure you're indoors or at least a place where there is no draft, and follow these steps:

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Shape your mouth into an O shape with your lips clenched rather than sticking outwards
  3. Very gently attempt a cough (or at least a coughing motion)
  4. You should start to be able to shape an O-ring with your vapour

The more you attempt this trick the easier it will become. Practice makes perfect!

Alternatively or additionally you can move your lower jaw up and down whilst attempting the subtle cough motion, this could help create a better O-ring.

Double O-Rings

Time to get greedy, not just one O-ring but two at a time! This one is for more advanced tricksters – So we recommend you master normal rings first.

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Place your index finger vertically in the middle of your mouth, kind of like you are telling someone to be quiet
  3. Use the same technique from making normal O-rings, whether it is the light cough or the use of your jaw
  4. Two o-rings will be exhaled from each side your mouth… it's much harder than it looks! But keep practicing.

The Ghost (French Inhale)

One of the more standard tricks is The Ghost, but it can be a lot more difficult to pull off than you expect.

We recommend you try the following:

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Patiently lower your bottom jaw and gently blow out some vapour
  3. Instantaneously, inhale that vapour through your nose
  4. We said it was harder than it looks…

Tornado (Twister)

The Tornado is best performed on a flat surface where you have some space, but it does look cool and is probably one of the easiest of these tricks to pull off – after a few attempts.

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. With your face close to the surface, gently exhale the lung hit
  3. With your hand, make a Karate chop backwards, like you're moving in re-wind
  4. Alternatively, you can try twisting the vapour you exhaled onto the surface to create the same effect.


You will need an empty plastic bottle for this one, but it can look pretty cool and it's an easy trick to pull off.

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Exhale the vapour into the empty bottle
  3. Pour the vapour carefully onto a surface to create the effect
  4. You can even try making Tornados or Twisters now

The Dragon

Another easy trick for you to perform is The Dragon, why not become even more Dragon by trying it with our popular e-liquid flavour from our Tasty Cloud range, Dragonaire for an exotic fruit and mint vape.

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Exhale through your nostrils and the sides of your mouth simultaneously
  3. Now you look like an angry dragon!

The Jellyfish

Probably one of the hardest vape tricks to perfect is the Jellyfish. Once you have mastered and perfected O-rings, maybe you could try this very cool looking trick...

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Make a thick and fairly big O-ring using the techniques learnt from earlier
  3. Now, take another quick hit of vapour from your device and exhale into the o-ring to create a Jellyfish effect.

Sounds easy, right?

What Vape Tricks are you working on right now? Can you perform all of the suggestions above? Please let us know by commenting below or alternatively via our social media pages on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.