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E-Lux Shisha Glass Kit

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This exquisite E-Lux Shisha Glass Kit is the ideal addition to any restaurant, nightclub, bar, shisha lounge, private event or at home use. The experience provided by this unique E-Lux Shisha is strikingly similar to that of smoking a traditional shisha while eliminating the tar, tobacco and smoke. It features the sublime E-Lux Shisha Glass Body, a perfectly functional shisha made from the highest laboratory grade glass that can be used indoors and outdoors. This all inclusive kit is elegant, easy to install and contains everything you need to get started right away. Enhance your customer's experience whilst increasing your income.

Note: Add a hint of cranberry juice into your water filled E-Lux Shisha Glass bowl to achieve the same results as shown above.

Advisory Tip: It is highly recommended that you first prime your new coil before using it. This simply means to pre-saturate the cotton with E-liquid to prevent it from overheating and burning. Carefully add one single drop of E-liquid in each of the top holes as well as the flat bottom of the coil making sure not to over-saturate. To ensure the new coil was properly primed start by operating the E-Head at a lower voltage than usual and gradually increase the power until you reach your normal settings. The key benefit in priming your coil is heightening the intensity of your E-liquid while increasing the coil's life expectancy.

Size: 350 x 140mm

For a consistent, powerful experience it is essential to maintain all the E-Lux Shisha Glass Kit components in a good condition. However, we strongly recommend you do not to skip the following steps:

  • When adding water into your E-Lux Shisha Glass bowl make sure the bottom of the Downstem is submerged into the water approximately 1,5cm.
  • Ensure the Hose Gromment is perfectly sealed.
  • Detach the E-Lux Shisha Soft-Touch Hose Set and rinse it with warm water.
  • Clean the bowl after every "smoking" session. Remove the E-Lux Shisha Glass Body from the Metallic Cage and take apart the various kit components including the E-Head, Downstem, and Hose Grommet. Pour out the water and simply clean the glass bowl with soap and soft towel.
  • If you suddenly notice an unexpected change in the E-liquid taste and a decrease in the vapour production of your device, you are advised to change the coil. In order to prevent these issues, we recommend to replace the coil every 2-4 weeks of use, depending on how frequently you use your device.
  • Store the kit in a dark, cool place.
Box Contains:
  • 1 x E-Lux Shisha Liquid Glass Body
  • 1 x E-Lux Shisha E-Head Device
  • 1 x Soft-Touch Silicone Hose Set (Hose Gromment, Hose Connector & Metal Handle included)
  • 1 x Black Metallic Outer Cage
  • 1 x Multicolour Lighting Device with Remote Control
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