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Nicopop 8mg Nicotine Pearls - 60 Pearls Smoking Products Nicopop Berries

Nicopop 8mg Nicotine Pearls - 60 Pearls

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Nicopop pearls provide an alternative way to satisfy nicotine cravings, with the convenience of discreetly absorbing one of the pearls at any time. The measuring cap allows contactless dosing of perfectly measured 20 mg of nicotine per pearl. Let the Nicopop pearl melt under your tongue for nicotine to be absorbed, providing a smoking alternative that is tobacco-free, solvent-free and sugar-free. The recyclable tube ensures a long shelf life without deterioration, making these nicotine pearls a sustainable option when you quit smoking. 

The sublingual pearl solution (which melts under the tongue) is an oral nicotine device that offers an alternative to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Discreet and practical, Nicopop satisfies nicotine cravings at any time and without constraint, even in places where smoking is prohibited. Tobacco-free and combustion-free, Nicopop is 99% less harmful than cigarettes. It is not a substitute for cessation devices such as patches or chewing gum.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Solvent & sugar-free
  • Up to 3 pearls per serving (based on desired nicotine strength)
  • 8mg of Nicotine
  • 0 Calories

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