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Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Replacement Rubber Holder + Filter Smoking Products Nectar

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer Replacement Rubber Holder + Filter

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By believing that sparing is caring, this replacement rubber holder and filter for your Nectar Platinum vaporizer shows your intent to care for your device. This accessory, like with all Nectar products, has durability at the forefront of its design. If you own another rubber holder and filter the lifespan of your vaporizer will increase by over 100%. This Nectar Platinum rubber holder and filter will be the spare part you need to ensure you’re vaping fresh and pure dry herbs and concentrates for longer.

Nectar ensures that quality is key to all of their products with the best materials, and the best design. This is most definitely the case with this Nectar Platinum rubber holder and filter. The accessory is designed specifically for the Nectar Platinum, to hold both the rubber holder filter and ceramic filter. Within the pack contains: 1 x rubber holder and 1 x rubber holder filter. Together they give your device filtration capabilities.

Nectar believes that difficulty is unnecessary. That’s why replacing the Nectar Platinum rubber holder and filter is extremely easy. Here are the key steps: first ensure your vaporizer is at a cool temperature, then detach the cooling unit from the vaporizer, remove the rubber holder beneath the unit by pushing it outwards with your thumb, turn the rubber holder inside out to to remove the ceramic filter and rubber holder & filter, and finally reverse the process with your replacement product. It’s really that simple.

Anyone who owns a vaporizer will know that cleanliness is crucial. It’s very common to have sticky, leftover residue on your device after a few sessions, that’s why cleaning your device regularly is vital. With the Nectar Platinum rubber holder and filter, cleaning it is straightforward. Simply dip the ceramic filter in isopropyl alcohol from time to time, and wipe off any residue. However, avoid soaking the rubber parts in the alcohol as this may cause them to deform, Instead dip a cloth or brush in isopropyl and wipe off any stubborn residue before drying and reusing. As easy as it sounds.


  • Size: 22 x 11 x 7mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Durable, Premium Used Materials
  • Easy To Clean & Use
  • Detachable
  • Designed To Be Reusable
  • Compatible With The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

Box Contains:

  • 1 x Rubber Holder
  • 1 x Rubber Holder Filter
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